Saturday, October 5, 2013

This week.

Man, this week, it has hit me that I am very pregnant.  I'm really feeling it.

I've been uncomfortable for awhile, but on Monday, I started having a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions.  I figured it was probably nothing, but I decided to call anyway, since I was only 33 weeks.  My doctor wants me to be vigilant, especially since I had some early bleeding, which has some association with pre-term labor.  I was also a little nervous, because I thought I felt less movement.  We ended up going in, where they found some irritation, but no major contractions.  A neighbor of ours came over and sat in the house while we went in for a check.  I felt guilty bothering him, but he assured us it was no problem.  In fact, he told us his cell phone is charging downstairs after 11pm, so if we ever need anything after that, call the home number, so they hear it.

On Thursday, I started feeling lightheaded, dizzy, and saw a few spots.  I didn't pass out or anything, but decided to leave work.  I found out my blood pressure was pretty low, which is probably why I felt so awful.  A coworker's wife brought over dinner that night and told us if we ever need to go in again, she is willing to watch her, anytime.  I'm so lucky to have people like her and our neighbor, especially since we're so far away from family.

It has also really hit me that by the end of next month, we're going to have another little person in the house.  I used to feel guilty that Leah wouldn't be an only child, but honestly?  Now, I am just so excited.  I can't wait to get some newborn snuggles and breathe in that sweet newborn smell.

Yesterday, Leah walked around with an outfit for Hannah.  She kept smiling and staring at it.  She told me and Ray, "it's for baby!" and hugged it.  I can't wait for her to be a big sister.

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