Monday, April 18, 2011

Appointment Today

My appointment went well today. My blood pressure was good, and I measured on time. I also had a bunch of blood drawn. Fingers crossed for good results!

Also, I told my doctor I wanted to deliver at my original hospital choice. She said that was fine. That makes me really happy, because I was worried she was going to push the other hospital again. The other hospital would take forever to get back to me about anything (I'm talking 1-2 weeks). This really bothered me. Add that to the fact they sent me a form letter with 3-4 grammatical errors in 4 sentences, and it seemed like they really didn't give a crap. I've also heard such good things about my original hospital.

I also scheduled my "for fun" ultrasound for May 2nd. We're so excited!

Finally, I am officially on the every other week appointment schedule! That makes my due date seem much closer. :) This both excites and scares me, because it seems there's a lot to do around here.

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