Sunday, August 14, 2011

Things I never want to forget

Leah is growing up so quickly, and it has me thinking of what moments I want to remember when she's grown. So far I have:

  • The feeling of her falling asleep on top of me as I sit reclined on the couch.
  • The satisfied look on her face and the post-meal stretch she does after a feeding.
  • I once heard my husband singing lullabies to her over the baby monitor when he didn't think I was listening. It made my heart swell.
  • The cute noises she makes when she's waking up. I also love the look on my dog Popcorn's face when she hears this. She's not quite sure what to make of it.
  • Leah staring me in the eye as she nurses. This is one of the reasons I love breastfeeding.
  • The cute, crooked little yawn she has when she's sleepy.
I'm sure there will be more times like this, but I never want to forget these. I wish time would slow down a bit sometimes.

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