Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Leah is 7 Months

Sweet Leah turned 7 months last week. Unbelievable. Seven months just seems so big. I know it's not really old in the grand scheme of things, but wow. I would at least classify her as an older infant.

She's doing well, and eating more food. She still only eats roughly 4 ounces a day, but it's okay. I want to go slower anyway because I don't want to wean her before a year, and even then, it'll probably break my heart. Seriously can't stand the idea of weaning her.

Right now, she loves the two Fisher-Price cars my sister bought her for Christmas. She enjoys rolling them across our floor. She also enjoys banging the rings she got from her godfather against the floor.

We bought her Lady and the Tramp for Valentine's Day...not at all for ourselves, of course. Just for her. :-p

I asked my husband just now if he wanted to add anything that Leah's doing to this blog entry. His response? "She's cute. Cutest baby ever."

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