Monday, June 4, 2012

Behind. Again.

I always knew I couldn't blog.

May was a great month, I would say.  My husband's father and stepmother came up for his graduation ceremony and got to spend some time with their granddaughter.  They hadn't seen her since she was a newborn.  That weekend, Leah's first tooth finally came through.  It was a bottom tooth.  Now she has one bottom tooth and one top tooth, on opposite sides, which looks kind of funny. :)  Looks like the other top tooth is about to join in, though.

My mother also came to visit, as she does pretty much every month.

 I had my first Mother's Day.  We didn't do anything fancy...just went to Bob Evans to eat, and my husband bought me a pretty necklace to celebrate my first year as a mother.  Sometimes it still seems crazy to me that I'm mama to a sweet little girl.

At the end of May, we also took her for her first trip to the local zoo.  I don't know how much she appreciated the animals, but she really liked the little boy laughing at the sea lion feeding. :)  The weather's getting better, so we should be going outside more.

We took her to the park yesterday and put her in the swing.  I don't think she was too impressed.  I took some pictures, and she was clinging to the swing.  We also put her on the grass.  Her reaction was hilarious.  She was holding up her arms and shifting about like she didn't want to touch it, haha.

Finally, last week, we also switched her to her convertible carseats.  Seems like such a milestone.  For some reason, it makes me sad she's no longer in the carseat I chose for her while I was pregnant.

And next month she'll be one.  Just crazy.  Still can't wrap my mind around that one.

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