Saturday, July 7, 2012

6 more days...

Until my sweet little girl is one.  I can't believe it.

She hasn't started walking yet, but loves her Stride to Ride dino.  So glad I bought that toy.  She seriously will play with it for hours.

She's doing well at daycare.  The highlight of my day is getting there, watching her get all excited, and then waiting for her to crawl quickly over to me so I can pick her up.  Seriously, just melts my heart.

She's still nursing a lot.  We started working on replacing the morning nursing today.  I gave her a snack instead, and she didn't seem to miss it.  Makes me a little sad, actually.  I don't plan on weaning her completely yet, but I do want to be able to quit pumping at work.

We introduced whole cow's milk on the 4th.  She seemed to like it.

I just can't believe how quickly she's growing up.

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